Hello Everyone or No-One


Today, I am going to be working on going through 15 Chapters of a book to learn how to fully complete a new adult book. I was always afraid of put my work out there. However, life has taught me that there will always be nay-sayers and blamers (is that even a word) and positive people. The point of this long shpeal is to set some goals for myself. So here they are, the book I purchased has 15 chapters in it. I want to complete all 15 chapters by the 1st of January. Bare in mind, I am the absolute worst at reading non-fiction so there is that. Anyway...my goals are below.


1. Complete all fifteen chapters on Dec. 31, 2021

2. Create a short story while I am learning from this book.

3. Publish said story here for accountability.

That's it! 

Lets see if I can do it! I will set a progress bar on the Home page too!


A.M. Royal